Linda Heuman
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Journalist and Writing Consultant

Contributing Editor
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Visiting Scholar
Brown University
Department of Religious Studies

 also affiliated with
Science and Tecnology Studies
 and Contemplative Studies





What's New:
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On the Newstand:
  "A New Way Forward"
Buddhist tradition and modernity are in many ways incompatible. But one Western intellectual tradition may hold a key to bringing the two into meaningful dialogue.
  "A More Human Science"
Interview with phenomenologist psychologist Amedeo Giorgi.
  "Auf den Kontext kommt es an"
My interview with scholar of Buddhist Studies David McMahan "Context Matters" has been translated into German and appears in the Spring 2015 issue of Buddhismus acktuell.

Public Addresses and Presentations:

Columbia University, New York, NY November 11, 2016.
"The Importance of Keeping Differences in Sight in Buddhism's Dialogue with Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Modernity" presented at the conference Beyond the Hype: Buddhism and Neuroscience in a New Key. Listen to the talk in iTunes.
Mangalam Research Center, Berkeley, CA June 7, 2015
Panel presentation at the symposium Buddhism and Modernity: Conversations at the Edge.
Interfaith Voices interviews Linda Heuman and David McMahan about Buddhism and science.